The Bathurst name comes from Beada – Hyrst meaning Battle-Wooded Hill. In the East regions (Sussex) where it was they used "u" to replace "y" so it could be Beadahurst, other variations are, Beaduhurst, Bodehurst, Badahurst. Its an Anglo Saxon name for the area.

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From the Deans Family site

The children of George DEAN and Mary Parker were---
1.William DEAN.B 25th.Dec.1827.D ca Oct.1828.
2.Ann DEAN.B 8th.May 1830.D ca Nov.1832.
3.Joseph Henry DEAN.B 26th.April 1835.Hurdsfield.D 23rd.Nov.1916 Woodbury,
South Canterbury.He married Sarah Ann Bathurst daughter of Richard Bathurst
a clerk in Holy Orders and his wife Phoeby (nee Uridge).Sarah Ann Bathurst was born ca 1839 at 6 Brand St.Greenwich.
Joseph and Sarah were married in the Temporary Church,Lyttelton on the 19th.Jul.1855.Sarah D 30th.Jan.1919.
Joseph built the Nugget Hotel at Arowhenua Ca 1858 now known as the Crown Hotel.He also owned 10 acres at Pleasant Valley.
4.John DEAN.B 26th.Apr.1835.Hurdsfield.D 21st.Jan.1909.Geraldine,South Canterbury.He married Emma Bathurst sister of the above Sarah Ann.Emma was born 4th.Nov.1840 also at 6 Brand St.Greenwich.They married at the Temporary Church,Lyttelton on the 16th.Sept.1856 by the Rev.B.W.Dudley.
The Bathurst family came out to N.Z. with their widowed mother Phoebe on the Ship "Samarang" which departed 24th.Mar.1852 and arrived 31st.Jul.1852.The Bathurst children were Caroline (17),William (15),Richard (13),Ellen (12),Sarah (11),Emma (10) and Thomas an infant.
Phoebe's husband Richard Bathurst,who died in 1845 was a Clerk in Holy Order.The Bathurst ancestors were a wealthy family having been involved with England's Kings through the ages.

5.Edwin DEAN.B 14th.Jun.1838.Macclesfield.D 16th.Aug.1914.Dannevirke.He
married Mary Ann Alding.Daughter of William and Mary Jane Alding.Mary Ann was born ca 1861 at Milton under Wychwood.They were married in St.Peters Church, Waipawa on the 18th.Aug.1878.
6.Mary Ann DEAN.B 11th.Apr.1841.Macclesfield.Her first marriage was to George Charles Allen a carpenter.They married at the Temporary Church Lyttelton 5th.Apr.1858.He drowned at Lyttelton 8th.Apr.1859.Her second marriage was to William Webb.B ca1826.Arrived N.Z. 1846.Married at the Chapel School at the head of Akaroa Harbour.
7.Hannah DEAN.B 23rd.Oct.1843.Macclesfield.D18th.Mar.1932 at No 3 Basque Rd.Auckland.She married Alfred Valentine Harrison at the Schoolhouse,Clive, Hawkes Bay on the 1st.Feb.1862.
8.George DEAN. B.2nd.Sept.1845 at Windmill Rd.Macclesfield.D Tai Tapu from Purau 27th.July 1931.He married Catherine Veal 1852 Cornwall.Daughter of William and Elizabeth Veal who arrived in N.Z. ca 1871.George and Catherine were married at St.Michaels Church,Christchurch 14th.Jun.1873.Catherine
D 23rd.Nov.1886.
The children of George DEAN and Hannah Rathbone were....
1.Thomas DEAN B9th.Jan.1851.Macclesfield.D11th.Jul.1901.Greymouth.
2.Jimina DEAN B23rd.Mar.1853D11th.Jul.1855.Port Cooper.
3.William DEAN B7th.Jan.1856.Purau.Dca 1926.Waihi.Married Leonora Jury B.
ca 1863 St.Ervan.Cornwall.They married at the Registrars Office Kaiapoi.She
D ca 1936 Waihi.
4.Samuel DEAN B ca 16th.May 1858.D 17th.Nov.1926 Nelson.
5.Sophie DEAN B13th.Sep.1860.Purau.Married James Munro at Christchurch
6.Francis DEAN B26th.Mar.1863.Purau.Buried 4th.Jan.1930.Married Agnes Smith
B ca 1878 Christchurch.Married 23rd.Apr.1898 Spreydon,Christchurch.They had one child Elsie Janet B24th.Apr.1898.
7.Albert Peter DEAN B28th.May 1865.
8.Martha Harriet DEAN B21st.Aug.1867.Camp Bay.D26th.Jul.1873.Camp Bay.

Our family follows on from John DEAN and Emma Bathurst. John was at various times a carrier,bushman and sawyer.
An Obituary in the Timaru Herald of the 25th.Jan.1909 reads....
One of the old identities of South Canterbury who occupied a place of honour in the leading car in the Jubilee Procession on the 14th inst. as one of the oldest,Mr.John DEAN died at Geraldine on Thursday just a week after the celebration.It was observed when he was in Timaru that he looked very aged and frail.The deceased arrived at Lyttelton in 1851 and came to Timaru in 1852 under engagement to Mr.G.Rhodes joining his brother Mr.Joseph DEAN who came down in 1851.After working at the "Levels" for four or five years the brothers went sheep farming on their own account in North Canterbury for some years and then returned to South Canterbury,where they settled,John at Geraldine and Joseph at Woodbury.The deceased was a quiet unassuming man,well thought of by all who knew him.He leaves a widow and five sons and two daughters.
They had 16 children as follows....
1.William George DEAN.B11th.Aug.1857.Lyttelton.D2nd.Feb.1929.Piri Piri.He M Harriet Alding B28th.Apr.1861 Oxfordshire.M18th.Sep.1877 Te Aute.She D11th.May.1928 Dannevirke.They in turn had 13 children,eight males and five females.
2.Mary Ann DEAN.B1859 Geraldine.D13th.Feb.1946 Hawera.Her 1st. marriage was to Thomas John Robertson Gibson M31st.Dec.1877 Geraldine.Her 2nd. marriage was to James Reardon B ca 1847 Kerry,Ireland.D1st.Mar.1892 Waipukerau.Her 3rd. marriage was to Patrick O'Keefe Bca 1864 Cork,Ireland. M12th.Nov.1892.He died 4th.Jul.1948.Hawera.
3.Ellen DEAN.B ca 1860 Geraldine.D18th.Jun.1897.Dannevirke.She had a son James B Aug 1878.Baptised 30th.Aug.1882.Father unknown.She married William Fitzjohn 18th.Nov.1882 at Otane,Hawkes Bay.
4.Richard Edward DEAN.B ca 1863 Woodbury D28th.Jul.1952.Waikato Hospital.He married Athalinda Evans B9th.Jan.1865 Lake Tekapo M at StThomas's Church.Woodbury on 6th.Apr.1885 Div 27th.Jan.1917.
5.Fanny DEAN.B12th.Aug.1865.Buried 12th.May.1870.Raukapuka.
6.John Thomas DEAN.B1866 Geraldine.D21st.Apr.1944 Geraldine.He married Mary Elizabeth Dineen on the 6th.Jun.1894.She died 21st.Aug.1963 Timaru.
7.Annie DEAN.B4th.Aug.1848 Geraldine.D11th.Dec.1839 at Wellington Hospital from Paekakariki.She married Edward Thomas B1867 Timaru.They were married at Marton.He D27th.Jul.1950 at Paekakariki.
8.Emily Edith DEAN.B ca 1871 Geraldine.D13th.May.1943 Timaru.She married William George Wright B ca 1869 at the house of Wm.Wright,Charles St.Kaiapoi
on the 15th.Apr.1892.
9.Francis Rosina DEAN.B20th.Apr.1872 Geraldine.D1st.Feb.1922.Woodbury.She married John Vance B1862 Colaghty,Ireland on the 23rd.Mar.1896 at Geraldine.
10.Gwendoline Bertha DEAN.B14th Apr.1874 Geraldine.D14th.Jun.1922 Palmerston North.She married George Bright B ca 1862 Nelson.They married at the Registrars Office,Palmerston North on the 8th.Apr.1896.
11.Fredrick DEAN.B30th.Apr.1876.D2nd.May 1964 New Plymouth.Unmarried.
12.Frank Bathurst DEAN.B16th.Mar.1878.D 22nd.Jul..1897.Unmarried.
13.James Anderson DEAN.B21st.Aug.1879 Geraldine.D7th.Dec.1952 at 121 Geraldine St.Christchurch.He married Ada Jane Bracefield B 1879 Timaru,at the house of J.Bracefield of Orari.His occupation at the time of marriage was storeman.
14.Alice Maude DEAN.B6th.Jan.1882.M Andrew Roy.
15.Emma DEAN.B ca 1883 Geraldine.D18th.Jan 1898 Geraldine.Unmarried.
16.Linda May DEAN 27th.Sep.1886.Geraldine.D31st.Jul.1911.Geraldine.

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