The Bathurst name comes from Beada – Hyrst meaning Battle-Wooded Hill. In the East regions (Sussex) where it was they used "u" to replace "y" so it could be Beadahurst, other variations are, Beaduhurst, Bodehurst, Badahurst. Its an Anglo Saxon name for the area.

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Bathurst Line

Bathurst Line

1390-1423 Richard Bathurst, of Bodehurst, UK, Sussex
1st reputed direct lineal Ancestor. Maybe Married to an Agnes.

1415-1464 Lawrence Bathurst, apparently Richards 2nd son. Supported dethroned King Henry VI during “War of the Roses”. For his “treason”, His Estate at Bathurst, Sussex, was confiscated (passed to Battle Abbey). Retired to Cranbrook, Kent and executed.It is possible he fought at the Battle of Hexham, (thousands of Royal soldiers were killed after that battle). Married Agnes.

1432-1461 Lawrence Bathurst, only son, of Cranbrook and Canterbury, Kent

1549 Died Lawrence Bathurst, only son, of Cranbrook, Canterbury and Staplehurst, Kent. Married-Godleve, Daughter of Robert Chapman. Lawrence buried 1549, Staplhurst age 92. Godleve buried, Staplhurst, 1547.

1537 Thomas Bathurst, Clothier, of Cranbrook (1537) and Canterbury when will approved in 1542. Earliest Proven Direct Lineal Ancestor. Had 3 Known sons and 3 Known Daughters. (Most published genealogies ascribe them to Lawrence, i.e. omitting a generation).
1549 Robert Bathurst, 3rd Son of Thomas, Clothier, of Horsmonden, Kent –owned Sprivers Manor there in Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Also of Canterbury (1549). Buried Horsmonden 1576. 1st  Married to a daughter of William Saunders. By whom he had 5 known sons and 3 daughters. Married 2nd, Alice, who was buried, Horsmonden, 1546, by whom 2 sons and 5 daughters. Robert Lent money to the King in 1542.

1563-1623 Robert Bathurst IV, High Sheriff of Cloucester and Justice of the Peace

1568 Paul Bathurst, of Horsmonden, Sutton Valence and Nordian. Clothier. Married, Horsmonden to Elizabeth, Daughter of Edward Horden, “Knight of the Green Cloth” to King Edward VI. She Inherited the Manor of Finchcocks, in Goudhurst, Kent, from her Father (Finchcocks Manor is located 1 ¾ miles SW of the parish church, Goudhurst, Kent. It belonged to the Finchcock family from 1256, the Horden Family Purchased the Manor in 1450, into Bathurst hands 1568 for 250 years) – and Paul Herby acquired it by his marriage to her. She was buried at Goudhurst, 1594. Paul reputed died at Goudhurst in 1599 but his will was not proved until 1626 and mentions various grandchildren not born at the time of his death. They had 7 sons and 4 daughters.
1573 Edward Bathurst, eldest son of Paul, Baptised, Horsmonden, 1573. Married, Bexley, 1597, Nazareth (1575), Daughter of Sir John Leveson, “Knight of Horne Place”, Halling, Kent. She was Buried Goudhurst, 1634. Edward Buried, Goudhurst, 1619 (will proved same year).It appears he died before his father – if so he, although he lived at Fincheocks, he never inherited it. He had 5 sons and 2 daughters. His Eldest son, Thomas (1548-1638) inherited Fincheocks but had no children by his wife Elizabeth Hooper. The Estate therefore passed to his brother –
1598-1633, Thomas Bathurst
1599-1651, Edward “ (see below)
1601-1659, William “
1603, Richard “
1607, Ann “
1611, Elizabeth “    

1599 Edward Bathurst, The 2nd son of Edward, Baptised, Goudhurst, 1599. “Gentleman Harbinger” to King Charles I. Married, Horsmonden, 1635, Martha, Daughter of John Hooper, Lawyer, of Stockbury, Sister of who married Thomas. Martha Born 1600 Buried Goudhurst 1675. Edward buried Goudhurst, 1651 (will dated same year). 8 sons and 6 daughters. Fincheocks Manor inherited from him by his eldest son Edward, 1634-1690. He married but had no children. Manor Passed to the 3rd son, Thomas, 1642-1718, but he was not married and it then passed to William.
1632-1726, John Bathurst (maybe a mistake unless one of his brothers died young)
1634-1718, Thomas “
1636, Charles “
1637-1711, Elizabeth “
1640, Edward “
1642, Richard “
1644, Okes “ (female)
1645-1727, William “ (see below)  

1646 William Bathurst, the 5th son of Edward, Baptised, Goudhurst, 1646. Soheiter, of Wilmington, Kent. Married, 1680, Anne, Daughter of Richard Gamon, “Clarke of his Majesties Works”, and widow of Kinsmen, Lancelot Bathurst. William and Anne were both buried at Wilmington, -she in 1708, aged 65, he in 1727, aged 81. They had 1 child.
1680 Edward Bathurst, only son of William, born 1680. Eminent Lawyer. Edwented Trinity College, Oxford. Admitted to Middle Temple, 1696: Called to the Bar, 1704: Master, 1729: Reader, 1731: Treasurer, 1743. He bought Fincheocks from his Father and rebuilt it at great expense, 1725. Inherited his Fathers Wilmington property, but sold it. Acquired the Estate of Triggs, Goudhurst, through his first wife, married 1708, Elizabeth (born 1685), 3rd daughter of Stephen Stringer of Triggs, “High Sheriff of Kent”. She died 1715, aged 30 and buried at Goudhurst, leaving 3 sons and 1 daughter. Edward married 2nd, Mary, Daughter of Dr. Charles Gyles, Surgeon, of Lamberhurst and Jane. She was buried, Goudhurst, 1776, leaving 3 sons and 1 daughter. Edward Buried, Goudhurst, 1772, aged 92. Fincheocks had been sold by him to his Eldest son by his second Marriage, Charles, a Lawyer, who died without Issue in 1767, buried Goudhurst. Fincheocks thereupon passed to his Brother -
1st Wife Elizabeth
1706-1751, Edward Bathurst
2nd Wife Mary
1726, Charles Bathurst
1728, Richard “ (see below)
1731-1788, Mary“

1728 Rev Richard Bathurst, 3rd son of Edward. Vicar of All Hallows, Hoo, Kent, 1790-1795, West Peckham, Kent, 1795-1801, St Margaret’s, Rochester, Kent, 1801-1803, Minor Canon of Rochester Cathedral, 1784-1803. Married, Northfleet, Kent, 1767, Elizabeth Boulter Brooker of Northfleet. Both Buried at Rochester Cathedral – he in 1803, aged 75, she in 1816, aged 71. Parents of 6 sons and 5 daughters.
1774, Edward “ (see below)
Charles Lacey Bathurst
William “

1774 Edward Bathurst, eldest son of Richard, Baptised, in Goudhurst 1774. Inherited Fincheocks manor from his father 1803. Unfortunately Edward was a heavy Gambler. He was involved in Gambling at snail racing. With his friend the Prince Regent. Incurred Heavy Debts as a result, and had to sell his estate and pay them off. Sold Fincheocks to a Robert Springelt probably somewhere between 1811 and 1820. Married Isthy, East Greenwich 1793, Sarah MacPherson, Spinster. Issue 3 sons. 2nd Marriage Mary Ann, who died in 1871, aged 87. Apparently having 7 children.
1800-1845 Richard Bathurst, Clerk, Married (or maybe unmarried) to Phoebe Uridge (1811-1889), Greenwich, England
In his will Phoebe is reffered to as the women he lives with.
Pheobe emigrated in July 1852 to New Zealand, on the ship "Samarang", together with her seven children. Her eldest daughter, Frances BATHURST emigrated on the ship "Midlothian", also to New Zealand in October 1851. Frances married Thomas Fowler on board.

1830, Francis Elizabeth, married Thomas Fowler
1835. Caroline Henrietta “ (see below)
1837, Richard George “
1839-1919, Sarah Ann, Married Joseph Henry Dean of the South Canterbury Dean family.
1840-1914, Emma, Married John Dean, brother of Joseph
1843, Edward “
1843-1916 Dorothy Ellen “, Married: William Thomas
1845, Thomas  “

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  1. I am a Bathurst. Trying to get lineage. My grandfather was Paul O. Bathurst. We live in the USA.